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Post Vacation

weather: snow
outside: 1.6°C
mood: groggy
Of course, right after we tell everyone in Taiwan and South Africa that we don't get much snow in Vancouver, we wake up to 1.6°C and tufts of white stuff falling out of the sky. The car had to navigate piles of slush this morning. And, yes, double-length public transport busses randomly strewn about sideways in the morning rush hour traffic is a metric tonne of fun.

I have so much post-vacation stuff to do. I need to get some groceries, at least to be able to make dinner for a few nights until we can go to Costco on the weekend. I finally found the big wok/skillet thing. We have to eat healthy. The Brother-in-Law has been sick and we've been pigging out the entire vacation because the family was taking turns bringing us out for lunch and dinner. It was non-stop round-robin oink. =)

Our bathroom needs corner shower shelves. The old one that hung over the nozzle isn't big enough for our gigantic on-special bottles of bodywash and shampoo. We also need new toothbrushes, a toothbrush holder and organizer buckets for all the tubs and bottles and tubes of goop that we use.

The Hudson's Bay Company can just hurry up and bite it. HBC is a Canadian heritage company and I was a little sad to hear that it's now sold to an American. But whatever. They stock overpriced ugly crap and it's run by a bunch of incompetent shits anyway. Every once in a while, they do have something we want that's marked down enough. We ordered a new bed for the Brother-in-Law before we left for Taiwan. It was supposed to be delivered while we were away. Guess what? It never happened. The Brother-in-Law called four or five times and each time was forwarded to the same person in the end, who couldn't do a bloody thing for him. I called last night to find out that they scheduled a new delivery date for us for December 6. A) When the hell were they going to tell US that? B) That's over a MONTH after the originally scheduled delivery date. Now I have to chew out every single staff member they have, one at a time and sit there, on hold, between each one.

I so badly need to do laundry and clean up a bit around the house. In about a week and a half, my Mother-in-Law is coming home. She's bringing Cousin K's 4 year old son with her so that he can spend Christmas in Vancouver with us. He wants to see snow. So, I guess we have to do the whole Giftmas thing now. I'm thinking all of us should get him smaller, individual gifts so that he'll have more to unwrap.

I need to upload the last of our vacation pictures from the camera and organize them all.

I need to write up my vacation notes and figure out how I want to organize my vacation writeups. I have so many miscellaneous topics that are posts in and of themselves that (I think) are more interesting that just the "What I Did On My Vacation -- By Me, Age 5". But I feel like I should do a complete run-through of events with pictures first.

But I WANT to tell you all about the BIZARRE vocalization phenomenon I heard in animals — ANIMALS, not people!! — outside of North America. I'm more interested in the beautiful Su DongPo West Lake poem I saw on a sandalwood handheld fan on the trinket vendor's table. I want to tell everyone about the ostriches, dassies, sunbirds. I want to explain the 此地無銀三百兩 joke that we kept making references to with the Husband's Aunt.

And I'm still adjusting back to GMT-8 from GMT+8 and GMT+2. I'm sleeping okay, but I have periods of intense sluggishness in the late afternoon, early evening. That sucks because that would be when I get off work and need to get my errands done. =\

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