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... for so rudely disappearing mid-conversation last night... Warren, Alex and everyone else. Really sorry... =\

Trillian 3.1 Pro crashed on me and really stunk something up badly. Like possibly with a corrupted DLL table entry. I didn't realize this until I uninstalled and discovered a DLL still attached.

Apparently, you're not allowed to change your default user icon and talk to your friends at the same time.

If life keeps up this way, I'm going back on vacation again. >K{


Fuh. I got rid of the stupid buddy.dll that was causing the problem. Now I've reinstalled, but when I enter my Member info to upgrade to Trillian Pro, it says my license has expired. Uh, no. I paid in August of this year. >K{

But the upshot of this is that I've been able to get some of my AIM contacts back that unrecoverably fell off a while ago. =)

Alright, I'm happy. For now. Off to make butternut squash soup... with butternut squash in it. I'm so clever. =\


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