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The Irish Heather Pub

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userinfoThe Husband's Company Christmas Party was last night at The Irish Heather in Gastown. There's a tiny building in behind the pub itself that takes bookings for parties of up to 50. A lot of the film crews have their wrap-up parties in there.

It shares the courtyard with The Mews at 12 Water Street. One of my Ex-Works also shared that same courtyard so it was very fond memories going back there. The building we were in last night was built entirely out of brick that was scavenged from a sunken Irish transport ship off the West Coast somewhere. This ship apparently had an entirely brick ballast. =D

It was one of the only buildings left standing after Vancouver's Great Fire of 1886.

It used to be the coach house for the Mayor and Constable General of Vancouver. It was also Vancouver's first jail. Apparently, the washrooms that were over in the Irish Heather main building was their one jail cell XD

And the courtyard in between is where all the hangings took place. It's supposed to be haunted. Just for that element of fun. But keep the tap going and you'll be nice and protected. XD

I had a glass of Smithwick's (authentic Irish ale).

Holy. Shit. Best. Beer. EVAR.

I haven't been to Europe yet, so I'm talking about this side of the water, of course =) But WOW. Jeez.

The food was pretty amazing too. FANTASTIC artichoke heart fritters (=O =D), pickled asparagus wrapped in a cold-cut ham, shrimp with deathly excellent sauce (I didn't hear what it actually was), there was another chicken skewer thing that was really really wonderful.

They have several choices of entrées for dinner — Beef/Guinness Pot Pie, a Corned Beef & Mash and a chicken dish that neither the Husband nor I got. Dessert wasn't too bad either, but I was just trying to keep up the breathing, sipping the Port Ellen.





Good times =)

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