The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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A Little Boy

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We have a little boy. Well, he's not ours ours =) but he's staying with us for 3 weeks.

It's our Little Nephew Boy. Yes, this one. =) He's userinfothe Husband's Cousin-K's son who came to Vancouver with my Mother-in-Law especially to see snow. This silly Cousin Girl writes up a parental consent letter in English, but leaves no contact info for herself or her husband, no relationship information between my Mother-In-Law and her son, and no address where her son is staying. Mother-In-Law had an interesting time with Canadian Immigration this morning. =\

Anyway, the Little Nephew Boy has been sqeeing to go up to Grouse Mountain since the plane landed. =D

I wasn't sure how I'd react to having a child in the house after not being around children for so long. So far, I'm just laughing and enjoying all the rambunctious 5 year old boy antics.

He announced that he wants to sleep with userinfoHusband Guy and me in our bed tonight. I asked him if he was afraid of 舅舅* squishing him flat and he said "no"... so we'll see how that goes XD

He's refusing to... oh, nevermind... now he's refusing to take a bath... no, he's fine... well, he doesn't want his bear underwear, he wants the blue pair on pain of death... he insists on giving my Husband the golf ball first.

XD XD XD BWAHAHAHA!! I'm glad tomorrow is Saturday XD

* 舅舅 - "uncle"; mother's brother (elder or younger).

Tags: family

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