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Bedtime, Etc.

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My goodness, I never realized how much work it was to get a little person to take a bath. That's not counting the actual taking a bath, that's just the pre-bath running around, whining and bargaining between the Nephew Boy and my Mother-in-Law.

It got to the point where I went over to the Mother-in-Law's room and quietly said to him, 《你要小姨婆生氣就不准來我們那裡睡囉...》 — If you make Grandma mad, then you're not allowed to come sleep with us.

He shut up and took his bath after that XD

While the Little Nephew Boy was taking his bath, I went downstairs to find some of userinfothe Husband's and the Brother-in-Law's old story books. I grabbed an armful of the shorter ones with bigger print and cleaned them off so they could be brought into bed with us. Only, the Husband decided he wanted to play WoW and I was on my own.

Our bed is super high off the ground. I was about to get a small step stool for him, but he had already taken a running leap instead. =) And leapt off, and vaulted on again; jumped off, rolled on head first.

Right. I forgot. They're Children™. They do that. XD

So, I let him tumble around in my bed for a while. He also loved the inflatable furniture, the bubble sofa seat plus ottoman and the bubble pillow that the Husband Guy got for Christmas one year.

When he was finally ready for a bedtime story, I picked The Fuzzy Duckling... it had the cutest pictures. He opened it and started reading it to me. =) He just turned 5 a few months ago and there weren't too many words he didn't know. And I'm pretty sure he would have squealed at it if he recognized the book or read it before. Of the words he didn't know, he knew how to sound them out. He sometimes did need help with them, but he was looking at the pictures for clues as to what they meant. He's been at this reading thing for a while =)

He didn't sit through the whole story in one go, but that's probably to be expected. It wasn't too bad, he took two breaks near the end to squirm and tumble in the sheets. He put his head down like he was starting to do a summersault at one point, but with his butt in the air.

I said, 《喂,你屁股翹起來是不是申請打屁股的意思?》 — Hey, so if you stick your bum in the air, does that mean you're asking for a spanking?



In the end, he didn't stay the night with us. He changed his mind at the last minute and went to stay in Grandma's room instead. =)

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