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Little Nephew Boy Antics

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More Little Nephew Boy stuff. I think I've annoyed everyone on my Friends list enough about the little dude. Instead of posting every little flip and fart, I'll just stick everything in this post and update as I go. =)

Today, while we were out shopping for snow boots, toothbrush, cuppie thingie and other stuff:

Him: 《舅媽,你看我的舌頭快可以碰到鼻子...》 — Auntie, look, my tongue can almost touch my nose...

Me: 《哎喲, 舔到鼻屎怎麼辦?》 — Eew, what are you going to do if you lick your boogers?

Him: 《嗯!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!》 — *that loud wailing kids make when they realize they've been had*

XD I'm such a horrible Aunt. I guess it's terrible of me, but I realize that part of the reason I'm having so much fun with the kid and not stressing out over stuff is because I don't care about him in the long run.

He's not my kid... and I don't say that to be mean, but rather, as a fact. I'm not really responsible for his behaviour, attitude, temper or whatever. However he turns out, it's ultimately not my concern.

So, I laugh at the things he does, get into funny verbal tussles with him, etc.

*     *     *

We put up the Christmas tree tonight. The Nephew Boy helped hang the ornaments on the tree after we put it together. I had to laugh my ass off at the group of 7 or 8 purple bauble ornaments all on one single branch near the bottom of the tree.

And this may be the first Christmas that our tree is completely decorated in the back. XD

*     *     *

Canada is a lot dryer than Taiwan and the Nephew Boy's skin is reacting to the dryness. His Mom packed some Lanolin creme from Australia with him, but I don't think it's doing enough. I have to go get him some children's shampoo tomorrow anyway so I'll see if there's a stronger children's body lotion moisturizer that doesn't smell too strong for him. Otherwise, we'll have to get him to use my Jergens Extra Dry stuff.

*     *     *

He brought this ENORMOUS red stocking from Taiwan for his gifts. It's not your standard 17" Christmas stocking. I don't have a measuring tape handy, but it's hanging on a doorknob right now and it almost touches the floor.

His Mom was pleading with him not to bring it because it was just way too greedy. We said, that's okay, we'll just get him a toy giraffe and that will almost fill it up XD

*     *     *

He likes the blueberry L'Oreal Kids' shampoo I got for him. No word on the Johnson's Baby Lotion yet... =} I'm a bit worried that he'll see the word "Baby" on it and refuse to let Grandma put it on him because he's not a baby. They were all pastel coloured, but at least I picked the green (Aloe) one. I couldn't really pick much else, that's the only stuff they have for children.

I also got some smashy chocolates for Giftmas morning fun. =)

*     *     *

He's adorable, he's capable of learning and can be reasoned with. He does whacky little boy things without being destructive or out of control. He was playing in my room while I alternatively played with him, watched him, talked to him, joked with him. I let him play, throw, catch and explore. I let him figure out different objects in my room for himself as long as they weren't dangerous.

He can now politely ask for things in English instead of whining for them; I made him practice "may I please have X" with a whole bunch of things. His first instinct is still to reach or point at something and holler "I WANT." With a slight prompt, he will ask politely in Chinese. And with some coaching, he was doing it in English. =)

*     *     *

So, I did my first little exercise in child discipline. Nothing spectacular, but I usually hang back and not say anything when he's being reprimanded by 小姨婆 or 舅舅.

My Mother-in-Law had told the Nephew Boy not to plug the Christmas tree lights in by himself. Roasted Nephews really don't smell very nice in a living room. He did it anyway. In my best Stern, But Not Angry™ voice, I asked him if it was right to do something that an adult told him not to. He shook his head "no". I ask him if it was right to do something that he knew that he wasn't supposed to. He shook his head "no". I told him to go and apologize to Grandma, stating what he had done wrong and that he wouldn't do it again.

And he did just that, looking suitably remorseful. I talked and chatted with him about a half hour later, so all is well.

*     *     *

That reminds me, there was this one time he was being especially bratty. It just so happened that his mother called during his bratty episode. So when his mother was speaking to him, she says to him: "You PICK a wall to serve your time-out when I get there!"


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