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Café Pacifica, Italian Opera Night

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We took my Mom and Dad to Italian Opera Night at the Café Pacifica at the Pan Pacific Hotel last night. Their food is fabulous. They have a lot of different singers rotating in and out. There's no set theme, just random pre-selected repertoire picks.

They sing very very well, but it's not in the vocal style we expect for Italian opera.

I like sharp, crisp voices that remind me of the feeling of a newly opened bottle of champagne. With good singers, the voice connects with you. It's the kind of thing you need to hear in person. You need to be in the audience of a live performance without amplification of any kind.

I like voices that sing the notes, not just hit them. I don't like the pushing or upward straining quality that some singers have. I like it when the low, mid and high ranges have the same consistent flowing/sailing quality. I can't really describe it, but I can hear it.

I bring my parents out to see a Ben Heppner recital and anything interesting like that, so they can see what to do and what not to do when they sing. The Ben Heppner recital earlier this year was very worthwhile for Dad. He learned so much in those few hours alone.

I'm slightly regretting not taking them to see Turandot, but oh well. There will be other performances.

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