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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - Brian "Butch" Schepel ()

Whose Line Is It Anyway? w/ Drew Carey ()

On a plane, with headphones on, is not always the best idea for uproariously funny stuff, but it was a long way back to Singapore from Cape Town, so I thought, whatever. OMG. Literally six-pack training, facial cramping, need a seatbelt, ass-off laughing, all the while trying to keep a lid on it because everyone else on the plane was sleeping.

I should try to find more Queer Eye episodes somehow. Come to think of it, there are a lot of TV shows I'm supposed to like. Arrested Development, Dead Like Me, Lost, 24... I have a growing list of things people have told me about.

I currently don't watch any TV at all. I might watch more once we get a few furniture issues straightened out. I have CSI Season 5 on DVD and that's it.

Sadly enough, I didn't like Firefly. Sorry =P I understood the Chinese and I hated it. I might have liked it if it were A) appropriate and/or B) pronounced properly. But as it is, it seriously detracted from the whole thing. However, Badger saying "pi-gooOOoo" all wrong had me in ROFL-copters. *sigh* I hear the movie isn't as bad. I'll see it when I see it...

But, having said that, I think it's fairly telling to hear what other people recommend that I watch. It's a way for me to see others' perception of me. =)

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