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I've taken to walking home from Work for exercise. I leave the parkade security pass/fob thing with userinfothe Husband Guy so that he can take the car. I start at about the Waterfront Skytrain station, past Yaletown, over the Granville Street bridge and then do the giant uphills. It's a good solid huff, a cheaper, more scenic and a more vigorous workout. I'm definitely sweating, puffing and in serious need of a shower when I get home. Sometimes, I wish it were a longer distance.

The Granville Street bridge isn't considered a highway, I think the speed limit is still 60 k/h, but most people usually go 80-100. The pedestrian walk way on the side is not shielded from the vehicle traffic at all. It's an open curb that's wide enough for two people to walk side by side. Usually, if I'm passing someone coming towards me, we both have to slow down and slant our bodies to avoid bumping into each other. I'm not sure if that's actually necessary. I think we perhaps do it to be polite or we're just naturally paranoid because of the proximity to the rushing traffic.

The bridge has become less and less stressful over time though, even in that one uncontrolled crossing spot where I basically have wait for an opportune moment with no cars to run across. It's a very beautiful view from the deck, especially the last few times I've been there because of the Christmas lights and it being completely dark out by 4:00pm. I kept thinking that I should stop and take pictures of the southeast view, but the last few times, it was raining so I didn't bother.

I also go by the Chinese embassy with the blue Falun Gong protest booth outside. I always cross to the other side and mutter to myself 各行各路, 各安天命 (may we successfully fulfill our own holy mandates and never our paths shall cross). I stop short of taping a long skinny piece of consecrated yellow tissue paper to my forehead though XD

The original aim was to walk home several times a week (like Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), but then the holidays arrived. With errands, strange reduced Work schedules and what-not, I didn't have the time. Then my feet started to get upset.

The first few times I walked home, I got a nasty triple blister on my foot. It was a blister within a blister within a blister, all in different states of the healing process. Then the instep of my other foot decided to go wonky for a while.

It seems to be better now. The last time I walked home, I had no feet issues at all. I think eventually, they will resign to my determination and realize that I'm going to do this no matter what. =)

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