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Work Update

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Work. Yes. Right. I do that for a living.

There was a significant undertaking in one part of the system. This should make the software work better, go faster and smell nicer. They drove the last spike Friday afternoon. The guys worked really hard on it and that was cause for celebration, with alcoholic beverages even.

I love working in the different locales of our system. I work almost exclusively in Italian. I mostly go by muscle memory, but I'm actually starting to be able to read what we have. Italian is very comfortable to me even though I don't understand bloody.

There are some really cool internationalization issues that come up. Internationalization causes much more and different issues than you could ever imagine. It's not just a surface thing. Supporting the ability to have the exact same thing in different languages in software goes very very deep.

One icky bug came up in Production and it turned out to be an exporting thing that was slightly off, but only if it came from Italian. They thought it was the Euro currency that was causing the problem; they thought it was certain people; etc. But it turns out that it was the Italian locale causing a problem.

Dude says, "the localizations should only be affecting the UI". Well, exporting IS an interface...

But I loved that bug even though it was completely my fault for overlooking it. I'm the only one that works in anything other than English, so it would fall to me. *sigh* I was trying to make sure the money bits were correct... That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

<_<           >_>

We were herded into the big board room to watch the President/CEO's Quarterly "State of the Union" Address that was pre-filmed. He used to visit all the different locations in person, but the company is all sprawlie and big now so he just plain can't do that anymore.

I'm not sure what I can and can't repeat, so I just won't say anything specific at all. But there were some things I noticed.

His desk is awfully clean. XD

He needs a continuity person during filming. =) There were cuts back and forth between angles. Between cuts, his monitor in the background was off, then it flipped on and went off again.

There was a big black mug that was on his desk just to his left that was visible at certain angles of the second camera. This mug danced around every time it went back to that one angle and finally hopped off the table altogether near the end.

Yes, I was one of those crazy kids who watched Star Trek episodes frame by frame and got into lengthy discussions about continuity snafus like that on rec.arts.startrek.misc.

At least his shirt was the same colour throughout, his tie was on the whole time and his accent was consistent from scene to scene... which is more than we can say for Kevin Costner, for example.

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