The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

It's A Girl!

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Dr. MacDonald had confirmed that userinfoSkippy is, in fact, a girl while doing her checkup yesterday.

She's a very loud, very brightly coloured Lutino girl that acts like a total monkey boy and stands in her cage with one leg up on her side bars in sort of a Captain Morgan pose... TERRIBLY unladylike.

She must get it from me XD

We'll need to move her to a pellet diet, or a mostly pellet diet. When she starts laying eggs, the seeds won't provide enough nutrients for her. I really want to get her a new cuttlebone, but the ones I've found have smelled ... off, to me. We'll ask Dr. MacDonald if she has fresh cuttlebone next week when we bring userinfoSid in for his appointment.

So, get this: we have to bake her birdie cookies. =)

Take the pellets, mix with hot water and mash it with a spoon until it becomes kinda gooey, but still kinda lumpy. Add some seeds. Mix. Spread on a small sheet of aluminum foil, sprinkle some seeds on top and bake.

They end up looking like itty-bitty M&M cookies with multi-coloured bird seed =) We gave Sid some too.

The things we do for these little squeakers... At least they're eating it. =D

Tags: skippy

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