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Sid's Checkup

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I'm just recovering from my Monday.

It was userinfoSid's turn at Dr. MacDonald's for his checkup last weekend and to see why he was throwing up. He has an inflamed oral cavity and the bacteria cultures came back positive for e. coli. It's difficult to pinpoint where it comes from. It's more likely that we exposed them to it. Cockatiels are much less able to handle bacteria than humans are. We have more bacteria in our mouths alone than they do in their entire bodies.

Now that I think of it, we did have raw meat in that area from hot pot. Sid's also an older bird, so he might be more susceptible to infection than Skippy is. He's on anti-biotics now and it doesn't sound like a big deal. But we should be more diligent about being clean around the birds.

He was also having digestive tract issues when Dr. MacDonald x-rayed him. I forgot to ask if this could be caused by the e. coli issue. She seemed to think it was separate and that it was a pre-existing chronic condition.

He stayed the night at the Night Owl Hospital for tests and monitoring. Dr. MacDonald was very happy with his progress since we got him in 2004. She said he's healthier all around, physically and behaviourally. She also said she could tell that we loved him very much and took really good care of him because he was so happy to see us when she brought him out to us. He was all chirping, singing and talking, it was so cute. =)

All we can do now is make sure the antibiotics are in his water, move the little space heater and thermometer near him to make sure he's warm enough, make sure he has a birdie cookie in his food cup, make sure his cage gets covered for a while during the day so he sleeps, etc.

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