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Work was being all hairy this week.

New release went live last Friday, so Monday morning was full of questions from Production. Many of them were not bugs but phrased as bugs, so I still had to investigate and write up responses. Same ol' same ol' on Tuesday.

One co-worker called in sick.

I had to go get cake for The Big Boss at noon yesterday. I was in cahoots with his Executive Assistant Lady to get him cake for his birthday. The most cost effective option was to get three small cakes, so I had "Happy Birthday (en-US)", "Bonne Fête (fr-CA)" and "Buon Compleanno (it-IT)" written on each. Complete with locale codes just because I'm, like, The Localization Girl™ =D

I had a meeting with The Big Boss right after that to discuss the essay for one of those "Best Of" contests to nominate his Executive Assistant. Yeah, I'm a Double Agent. XD

I wrote it and sent it to him over the weekend, but he didn't use much of it. His Exec. Assistant Lady does a lot of Office Manager stuff for us as well as Executively Assisting the Big Boss too. When I read his essay, it was worrisome that the description was more for an Office Manager instead of an Executive Assistant. I pointed out that it sounded a bit like a labour code violation... or at least it's not very nice of us.

He pauses, turns his head to the side and says, "I hadn't thought of that..." I felt good about that, and I don't mean in a schadenfreude kind of way. I felt good to have thought of something important, being able to contribute and help make the result better.

He ended up using the bulk of mine and changing bits of that instead. And we beat it up for grammar, etc. The hardest thing was pounding it into 150 words. It's REALLY HARD to be outstanding in 150 words.

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