The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

As if THAT wasn't enough...

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Sunday night, I woke up four times during the night from four raging nightmares.

I forgot to turn the alarm clock back on from turning it off for the weekend. We were massively late Monday morning.

My classes began Monday evening. I didn't finish reading everything I wanted to and had to print out the docs so I could bring them with me. I walked over to the campus early and found a quiet place to sit and read. This week is the most brutal week we have with four evenings scheduled. The rest of the course should be somewhat better.

I'm getting back into The Homework Groove™ again. My books, notes, laptop and stuff are sprawled out on the bed right now. I want a small portable desk for home. I want to be able to wheel my workspace around. I'm trying very hard not to open up (fuh, too late). I should be studying. =P


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