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Fixed the Dishwasher

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Those who know me, know that I'm generally racist against electric dishwashers. This is from personal experience. They don't clean my dishes.

I don't spit on them or kick them as I walk by, but I won't use them and I will speak ill of them when my opinion is asked (or not asked as the case may be). But today, in an amazing feat of Schindlerian proportions, I fixed the one at Work.

I don't actually know if it's really fixed, but we turned it on, let it do a small run for a few minutes and we didn't get a lake in the kitchen. The true test will be when the thing is full and we actually put detergent in it for a full run.

A few days ago, someone noticed a little lake forming in our kitchen coming from the dishwasher. They put a little tupperware tub at one corner to catch all the water. And, of course, as soon as that happened, no one knew what to do with their coffee cups and lunch plates anymore. It all got piled into the sink.

The sink started bothering me. And I was curious. Knowing that the symptoms started in that corner where the little tub was, I opened the door and I peeked. There's a tubie thing that runs from the door to the machine and up the frame... probably for the detergent. This tubie thing looked All Wrong And Weird™ to me. There was a bit of it that was blorping out and the door closed itself on a portion of it.

I stuffed it back in with my fingers. And made sure the door closed properly.

We'll see what happens when we try to do a load next week.

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