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And lo! The dishwasher ran beautifully this week. =)

I also brought a box of London Fruit & Herb Company assorted teas to Work. I love their teas. I've also gotten everyone addicted to the Rooibos tea that I brought back from South Africa. They keep asking now... =) My Mother-in-Law found some at Superstore so we'll try some and see if it's any good.

The Executive Assistant Lady is also intermittently not in the office because her back is all whacky-dooky from her car accident. It's even too whacky-dooky to do physio just yet. It's hilarious that we're so lost without her. They had some guests in the office for meetings all day and wanted to order pizza for lunch.

I ordered pizza for them from Panago. XD

The most hilarious thing is that the call-takers knew who I was. "Is this Work-dot-com down the street? On the 5th floor?" BWAHAHAHA!! =D =D

I told them how many people we had and we figured out how many larges we would need. Out of the total number of pizzas, I picked vegetarian ones for ¼ of them, chicken ones for ¼ of them and random assorted meat for the rest.

If I had time, I would have ordered from Bella Pizza. I like Bella much much better. But they open at 11:00am. With only an hour's notice, I wasn't sure if they could do 15 assorted larges in time. =P I should give them a call and see what their lead time is.

NotWork is so much more fun... sometimes I wish I could do NotWork all day instead. Sometimes. XD

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