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The ONE Year...

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userinfoThe Husband says to me, "Isn't Valentine's on February 13th?"


After a long 13 year tradition of Completely Forgetting™, The ONE Year he remembered Valentine's Day, he remembered it wrong. =D But I think he made an effort because he realizes how lucky he is that he DOESN'T GET KILLED for not remembering.

Then he says we should go out for dinner and a movie. But there wasn't anything playing that we both really wanted to see, so we opted to rent something and have dinner at home.

And what movie did he pick for this romantic occasion?

DOOM (/)

Starring The Rock. And Eomer, as Skippy. I wonder why there was no mention of Dr. Carmack's partner, Dr. Romero... =D

The Husband finally did let me pick Sweet Home Alabama, but only after I threw a big loud tantrum in the video store. Kidding. XD

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