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Semagic: Queued Post Feature

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I'm not here. =)

At the time you're seeing this, I'm probably not even online. I might be playing with the birdies — userinfoSid has become very affectionate and is flying onto our shoulders now. He actually found me explicitly in another room that involved having to turn two corners to get to. He recognizes how to get to our bedroom from the top of the stairs.

I might be running around catching up with life, doing miscellaneous Sunday doings. Who knows?

But the point is, that's not stopping me from making an LJ post anymore. No, siree. I've discovered userinfoSemagic's Queued Post Feature.

If I wanted to (and I just might), I can now PRE-BLATHER at length on an in-depth analysis of the communication protocols in the launch scene of Apollo 13. Incidentally, I didn't see the movie... can't quite remember why. Oh no, I do remember why. Someone was checking addition with a slide rule in it. You can't do addition and subtraction with a slide rule. I, as a Snotty Nerdy Kid back then, decided that that fact, alone, made it Too Dumb™ to bother with.

Anyway, I write'em up, stick'em in the queue, set the time I want'em posted, forget about'em.

My coffee machine, my oven, my crock pot, my rice cooker, my bread machine that I've never used and now, my LiveJournal tool, all have timer functions.

Not quite Jane Jetson yet, but we're gettin' there. =)

Tags: nerdy

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