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Dell sent me an Inspiron 630m. Yay, shiny. The specs online say it's supposed to be heavier than the 600m. But when I picked it up, the 630m somehow felt lighter even without anything attached in the 600m.

I've been reading bad reviews of the VAIOs. I may keep my 630m afterall, but I keep flopping back and forth on that. For every recommendation of a good lightweight notebook that I get, I read/hear at least a few others that say "don't EVER get that!". userinfoThe Husband, his Boss Lady and Boss Man, just about spat blood at the suggestion of an IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad. =P

But here's the huge disadvantage of invoking your warranty and making them send you something new: you have no choice as to what they're giving you. They're only obligated to send you the same thing or a better, but comparable model, subject to availability. Whatever they have is whatever they're giving you. You may not like it. I even tried to trade down. I asked if I could have an Inspiron 330m. No kewpie doll.

I hate the screen on the 630m. It's exactly what I would avoid if I were buying something anew. I've never used one for any extended period of time, but from casual use, I tend to hate the 1.6:1 screen ratio (kinda-widescreen proportions). I get this weird "low ceiling" or "glass lid" feeling that drives me blazing loony.

And The Peanut Gallery can shut up about me being blazing loony anyway, uh-kay? XD

The other thing is, I hate the fucking fingerprint magnets reflective screens for the ghosting of the reflection when there's a large black window like I'm apt to have - I use the Command Prompt and CygWin a lot; I SSH here, there and everywhere.

I'll give it a fair try though and see how I react to it once I start using on a long term basis.

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