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Live Eagle Cam

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Holy cow.

Someone shimmied up a tree over on Hornby Island, BC and pointed a webcam at a Bald Eagle nest! Here's the live webcam feed:

It's a Mama Eagle sitting on a pile of eggs. =D I'm told that the Papa Eagle sometimes comes back with food and home improvement supplies for the nest, but I haven't actually seen that yet.

You get full sound with the feed, so yes, that is the Pacific Northwest wind whooshing, Canadian geese honking overhead and other random buggers around the nest occasionally twipping and thweeping. There's nothing wrong with your machine. =)

Lil'peeping eaglets are expected to hatch in the third week of April. This thing is available 24x7 until the little guys (and/or guyettes) are ready to leave the nest.

[Update - 1617h]

Oh! She got up to stretch and push the eggs around a little! There are two of them... *hee* =D

[Update - Saturday, April 29, 2006]

I hear one of the eaglets hatched this week. Aaaawwww... that's fantastic news. I haven't seen it. I go back once in a while, but I'd stopped looking at it regularly because they inserted some huge sponsorship segment before it loaded. It took forever for the sponsorship ad to finish and it really wasn't worth my while to put up with it.

The Husband and I were talking about how much to donate to Hancock House for the cause, but I was too turned off by all the blinking and jumping ads plus the half hour infomercial before the actual cam feed started. We might still... dunno yet.

[Update - Friday, May 5, 2006]

Oh, so I heard that nothing has hatched. That's rather unfortunate, but as I also heard, this pair of eagles has been nesting in the area for over 17 years. They're getting on in years, so not all their eggs will actually produce young.

I don't understand how people can have the gall to be upset at this. As if nature is a big peep show put on to entertain _you_. These things happen.

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