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The last 11 weeks have been brutal. I've been taking a part-time professional development course that I feel I need at this stage in my career. It's been three-hour, occasionally four-hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings plus all day Saturdays, weekly.

The whole course has been an overwhelming amount of great stuff. Each topic has been incredibly inspiring to me. It really feels like it's opened my view to A LOT of things.

I lucked out with a really good team. In fact, the Team Project Facilitator said this is the first term that he's had REALLY strong teams, with very little member conflict, asking him the tough questions and really applying the material given to us. But, on the very first day, before we knew our groups, we all sat down in the seminar room at random. It turned out that the six of us had serendipitously all chosen to sit at the same table. It was kinda spooky =O

We did our final group presentation for our Case Study this morning. We were to present a solution to the senior executives of a medium-to-large corporation. And we were required to treat it as such.

I did my section on Quality. I didn't really want to do Quality, at first. I wanted to take on another topic to build on something I didn't have as much experience with. But come crunch time, I was typecast and that was my thing. =)

The comments I got back afterwards were very very encouraging. When people are asking you if you do public speaking a lot, I think there's something to it.

    — And here I pause YET AGAIN to reflect on the recurring theme, in my life, of joining Toastmasters... —

The comments that I cherish the most, though, were from the Team Project Facilitator. I need to write this down before it fades =)

He said my presentation was "very powerful", referring to my whole thesis that "Quality is not an isolated activity; it's built-in to everything we do" and fleshed out The What and The How from there.

The other part was when I said, "if we had to distill 'quality' out of our project activities, ...". His feedback was: "that hit me like an arrow between the eyes... because of course you can't take quality out of it; of course quality is integral to your processes".

I got other comments about fluidity, cadence, "very animated", "very alive". All wonderful things to hear back =D =D And getting a "Well Done" from someone who can be a bit intimidating is just SUCH A HIGH.

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