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The Whales of Hermanus, South Africa

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Hermanus is a quaint, beautiful ocean-side town that was a part of our Cape Town area tour when we were in South Africa last November. It was a clear, crisp, cloudless day. We were still wearing broad-brimmed hats, but the wonderful Indian Ocean breeze kept it from being too hot.

To our delight, we saw lots of whales! =D

It was their mating season, I think, so they were all swimming very close to shore. We sat outdoors on a patio for a TO-DIE-FOR lunch of yellow fish, king mackerel and local seafood. Several whales swam by. Some zoomed. Some lingered. A few even leapt out of the water and flopped over in play!

Unfortunately, the only ones we could manage to get on camera were the whales on the billboards =P Supposedly, my Mother-in-Law caught them on her DV though =)

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