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Great Chinook Salmon

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This was a phenomenally easy and made a phenomenally good dinner:

  1. A whole Chinook salmon — we got one from the Seafood City at the Granville Island Public Market. A 6-7 pound one will feed 5-6 people with some left over.
  2. When we got it, the thing was already gutted and the scales scraped off.
  3. Ask them to take off the head, fins and tail... save it for stock or whatever you usually do with fish body parts afterwards.
  4. Rub salt and pepper into the hollow where the guts used to be.
  5. Rub salt and pepper on the outside of the fish.
  6. Grate lemon zest from two lemons and spread it around the inside.
  7. Lay down 3-4 stalks of baby dill on the inside — I guess you could chop it up if you wanted to, but we didn't.
  8. Cut the two lemons into 8 wedges and place most of them into the inside.
  9. Place that whole chunk of fish and stuff into a barbecue smoker bag.
  10. Put a few lemon wedges in the bag on the outside of the fish.
  11. Stick it on the barbecue and cook until it's done... which was approximately two-glasses-of-red-wine later.

Mistooks #1: the Caesar salad with mustard/red wine vinaigrette was fabulous, but overpowered the fish just a titch. Uh, oops... =P

Mistooks #2: that particular red wine (which was distinctly not a Pinot Noir) probably didn't help things either.

I've resigned myself to the fact that I don't do this Eating™ thing very well either.

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