The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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So Random, It's Not Funny

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  • After Queen Elizabeth II, the British Royal Family will no longer be Windsors. They'll be Mountbattens from Charles onward. This fact has popped into my head once every second blue moon or so since I was a teen. It boggles for a fraction of a second or two and then it's gone again.

  • Look, a teeny tiny Arctic fox, sleeping —> @V

  • "... ideology to the political right of Genghis Khan." — about a news agency in Oroville, California, circa 1960. That made me laugh out loud. =D

  • Don't ever complain that you're bored. Something might hear you.

  • The fact that a button looks disabled, doesn't stop people like me from clicking them. And when I pressed the ostensibly disabled button, it did half the things it was supposed to do and blew up the rest.

  • Obscure, unverifiable trivia: Men cry an average of 14 times a year. Women do cry an average of 64 times a year. Wow, I don't think I cry more than once or twice a year, if at all.

  • Me: those are really pretty cups. The handles ruin the look though. I wish they didn't have handles on them...
    userinfoHim: Smash it off then.
    Me: ... *dirty look*
    Him: Hey, sometimes you need to think outside the box.
    Me: Sometimes you need to think INSIDE your BRAIN.
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