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Trying to Make VISA Hate Us Less

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The userinfoHusband Guy and I were playing with Prezzle.Com over the Easter long weekend. They've changed/de-scoped a lot of things and the whole thing feels less unwieldy of a project now.

At each step in the process, both the Sender and the Recipient get e-mail notification about what's going on. That might sound like a bit much, but each e-mail also came with a Scratch-&-Win Prezzle that gave us a one-in-three chance at getting a USD$10 gift certificate for or iTunes.

We kept winning.

And I only sent ONE $20 Amazon gift certificate to the Husband through Prezzle... mostly because we both found the "punching" sound effect the funniest thing on the planet. We sat there for what must have been 15 minutes laughing and playing with the punching sound... because we're just dorky like that XD

But it got to the point where we were starting to feel bad about winning all these $10 things. I know they have their budget already allotted and they expect to be paying it out and everything, but we still felt bad and stopped playing. =P

At least now, other people can have a chance at it. =P

The loot that the Husband got out of it:

He was quite chuffed. And I'm sure our Hate Points with VISA went down by a few since we did put part of our purchase on the credit card too. =D

I got my long coveted Water's Edge CD by Tim Janis, the composer of Beautiful America. The short exerpts of Beautiful America that I did hear, I really liked. It's very much my kind of music. But even so, the reviews seem to indicate that they're all "the same-old-same-old" and "repetitive", so I may not get myself more than one Tim Janis CD. I picked the one that got the best reviews all around. But we'll see... it looks like Beautiful America is his centerpiece album. I might give in one day and get it. =}

Speaking of music, while I was in Taiwan last year, I got 綠度母心咒 (Mantra of the Green Tara) — composed, arranged, sung and produced by 黃慧音 (Imee Ooi). If you have Flash installed, you can listen to the tracks. There's a blue "試聽" (Listen) button with an earmuff icon at the bottom of the widest content panel on the right of the product page.

There are only two tracks, one with vocal and one instrumental only. They're both just under half an hour, so I find they're REALLY good for timing meditation or yoga practice.

I saw it on one of those specialty box displays in a gift shop on the upper floor of the Taipei CKS airport as we were leaving Taiwan for Singapore/South Africa. I had resolved to buy them on my way back to YVR from TPE. I was originally going to get the GuanYin Sutra, Heart Sutra or the Om Mani Padme Hum one. But on the way home, they were sold out of everything except the Green Tara chant. Disappointing to say the least, but I'd been thinking about it since I saw them and got what they had left anyway, just to satisfy the want.

And now that I listen to the samples of the other CDs online, I like mine best out of the entire series. Funny how things work out. =)

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