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I'd forgotten all about my VISA reward points for an amazingly long time. We used to always get those free Famous Night Out coupons that give you two adult admissions with two regular softdrinks and a big bag of popcorn. But thanks to dummy me, we have more than enough points to get tons of those and a free new vacuum cleaner.

Backing up a bit: we could have gotten some travel package too, but it was either we had to leave TOMORROW or go somewhere we'd never heard of... which, No Sense Of Adventure™ aside, we couldn't quite understand how anything worked in the travel section to even book something anyway, so we opted to redeem for merchandise instead. It was between getting a new vacuum cleaner or a ridiculously high thread count Egyptian cotton bedsheet set. userinfoHusband Guy said he'd rather have a new vacuum.

Our old vacuum cleaner is still running okay, believe it or not. We thought it would finally go out in one great big sputter a few years ago, but it kept going. We'll keep it around as an extra and backup so long as it's not too inconvenient. Maybe someone can inherit it from us. Dunno yet.

But since we had enough points, we redeemed them for a Bissell 3595 CleanView Revolution Upright Bagless Vacuum. There were many excellent reviews, but there were some really bad experiences. That made me squint and look at it sideways a bit, but most of the other bagless vacs have rating/review patterns that look like that as well.

The one that stuck out, to me, was the one that said the reality of a bagless vac is that you need to empty the dirt cup and clean two out of three filters after one or two full cleaning sessions (his house, that is). After I read that one, then went back to the bad reviews, it looked like the bad reviews could be because of lack of understanding in general usage. Of course. If you're used to changing the bag only once in a long while, you may not grok having to clean the filters and empty the dirt cup that frequently. And that kind of misuse sounds like it could cause damage, especially judging by the number of them that say "it started out fantastic, but..."

Well, after all that questioning, I didn't end up trying any of the recommendations. Ah well, this one was free. And free is good. =)

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