The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Banquet - Part II

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mood: amused
We decided to play one of the two games first. In a Chinese wedding banquet, there's usually games meant to embarass the couple or put them on the spot. The games at our wedding were, thankfully, very tasteful but entertaining nonetheless =)

They asked W and I to sit in two chairs, back to back. We took off both our shoes and traded one. With one of each our shoes in hand, the MC's asked us a series of questions. If we thought the answer to the question was S, we would raise my shoe. If we thought the answer was W, we would raise his shoe.

Who makes the important decisions? - I raised both shoes. W hesitates and reluctantly raises my shoe.

Who will do the laundry? - I raise my shoe reluctantly. He raises my shoe half way, then thinks about it and raises his own shoe.

Who will do the dishes? - We both raise his shoe.

When you have children, who will change the diapers? - I raised both shoes. W immediately raises my shoe, but then half way, thinks a bit and switches to his own.

Who is the most patient? - We both raise W's shoe. It's true, he is more patient than I am =)

Who is the best kisser? - I raise his shoe and he raises mine. =)

Who will do the cooking? - While I'm hesitating, W thinks about raising mine, but raises his own instead. I finally raise both. For the record, I don't cook well.

Who initiated the first kiss? - We both raise W's shoe.

Who is the better drinker? - W immediately raises my shoe as high as he can. I raised his shoe in sarcasm. =)

All of this was to the guests' great amusement. =)

The food finally started coming out while we were playing, so that was cool. We started eating and all was well. =)

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