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I have become the author of the IT Group "Project Blog". It's just a Wiki page that I update. Nothing fancy at all. It works. It started out as just a low tech solution for sharing the daily bug stats that I was asked to do as an extra task every day. The numbers are pulled into Excel and a screenshot of the pretty chart it produces gets posted.

Then, one day, I felt that I should explain something on the chart (explain a drastic movement in the numbers). Then I made a snippy comment the next day and was inspired to say more fun stuff the next. It was my own entertainment, but I was cognizant to make it presentable to, say, Senior Management™, as well as to make it reflective of Work through my eyes and from the point of view of IT QA.

I did get a little nervous about the content when I found out from the Project Manager that People™ were actually reading it. I wasn't sure what I could/couldn't, should/shouldn't say. She seemed to like what I was writing so far. She said it was giving the projects life and personality =D So, I'm sure she'll let me know if I really were crossing a line somewhere.

Yesterday, The Big Boss asked me to send him stuff in text format because he couldn't see it online with his Blackberry. Today, I pasted it along with the notification I usually send out, including the blog part. We had a great time updating the Wiki page with the most HILARIOUS comments!! XD Not to the exclusion of Work, of course, but it was so much fun to see so many people participating.

Some sample entries:

"Now that we have a few weeks' worth of statistics, this will help IT Management make very important decisions regarding our Projects. Such as deciding what constellations in the night sky the bug charts look like... I'm thinking Chart C looks like Cassiopeia, BTW."

_/~ _/~
Ya take a block from the BOTTOM and ya put it on top;
Ya take a block from the MIDDLE and ya put it on top.

That's HOW you build the tower; you just don't stop.
You keep building that tower putting BLOCKS ON TOP.

It TEETERS and it totters, but you don't give up;
It WEEBLES and it wobbles, but you build it on up.

You take a block from the BOTTOM and you put it on top,
You take a block from the MIDDLE and you put it on top,
Till SOMEONE knocks it over, and that's when you stop,
But you can start all over putting BLOCKS ON TOP.
_/~ _/~

[This was a comment on the stability of our system... that's just the reality of the stage of development we were in. Everyone knew it; it wasn't a big deal and there was an accompanying explanation. But I thought I might as well turn it into blogging fodder. =D]

One of my best teachers was my Financial Accounting teacher from highschool, Tim Ireland. He had had a bad skiing accident and surgery had left him with one knee that couldn't bend, afterwards. He always walked with a limp and could not go downhill at all. He would have to turn around and inch his way down backwards.

Once, some smart ass asked him, "so, how do you know where you're going?"

Mr. Ireland looked him straight in the eye and said, "at least I know where I've been."

KNOW WHERE WE HAVE BEEN: *showed humongous effort here*

The world has fallen into chaos. The once thriving civilization is now but a gaunt shell of its former existence. None worse has humanity ever seen, this side of the Second Industrial Revolution. The people grow dissatisfied with their stale bread and dirty water. Tired of being awoken in the dark of the night by the wails of their diseased and dispairing brethren-- ...

*ahem* Okay, maybe it's not that bad. The bug stats are climbing just because we're waiting for a new successful build.

Any day now, I expect to get in trouble for having way too much fun with this thing... XD

I'm rather in love with that last entry =) I was asked if this was a quote from somewhere by one person and another person said it sounded like Dickens. HAHAHA! DICKENS!! No, Sir. I was just A) really inspired by the bug chart today; B) have an intense desire to poke fun at the authors who caused me so much misery in English Lit. in school; and C) just so happen to have the arena in which to do it. XD

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