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Certain Types of LJ Discussions

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This was an interesting question from stainsteelrat:

How do you feel when your LJ friends discuss sex in their journals?

I am not that easily squicked.

I don't mind people talking about sex if it's coming from a place of respect... to themselves, to their partner(s)*, using respectful, mindful and proper language, like scientific, medical terms or poetic, artistically elegant terms, for example.

I'm okay with it if it's considerate of others, like the LJ Friends List, by putting a fair warning and/or LJ-Cutting, for example. Even if there is no LJ cut, but the first paragraph gives me enough info to decide if I want to skip it.

Anything that feels to me like it's outside of that, I won't read. Notice, I didn't say "you shouldn't post." I said "I won't read." =)

* Singular, plural, serial, parallel, your team or not, whatever.

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