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Pedicures and Girlie Things and Spas, Oh My!

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I took my Mom and Mother-In-Law to the Fingers & Toes Spa today for pedicures.

It was the first time either of them had had a pedicure, so I thought it would be an interesting experience for them. Wild horses could not have dragged my mother into participating in such frivolous activities years ago. She's only recently melted enough from the eminent practicality that measures about 15 on Mohs' scale.

Fingers & Toes is a cute little place in Yaletown that a group of us girls at Work went to a month or so ago. We had actually booked an appointment for another place, but they screwed it up. As we were quietly seething about it, we saw Fingers & Toes out of the window and decided to troop on over and see what they could do.

We really liked them. The ladies are friendly and helpful, the prices are great, the studio is bright and neat and tidy. We brought our own snacks, wine, party stuffs. They took care of the six of us without prior notice and they did a great job, all things considered.

I brought my own CDs today - Forest Cello, the Tim Janis one, the Yoga one and the Zen one. They were pretty busy this time, but they still set up a CD player and speakers especially for us.

So, we chatted and relaxed the afternoon away while someone else gave us foot massages, cleaned up our feet, painted our toes.

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