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It's hilarious that, when they fly, our birds sound like little cheap plastic helicopters from a dollar store. =D They go: *chep-chep-chep-chep-chep* in the air XD

The Victoria Day long weekend makes it two years since userinfoSid first came to us. We've watched his affection and trust in us grow. It's been quite amazing. We were thinking that he may never really bond with us, but he clearly prefers our company and approaches us on his own accord.

He now knows his way around the main floor quite well. He likes going over to the dining room where I've parked out my workspace at home. It's spacious and bright with natural light... which is why I like being here as well.

There are six chairs around a dining table, all of which have been dooted on by the little guy. My Mother-In-Law tells me that he'll fly over during the day looking for me (or my food, whatever), fly from chair to chair, singing and talking.

He'll come over and land on my shoulder. Sometimes, he talks and sings. Sometimes, he likes to just perch quietly and watch me type. He'll look at me and then turn his head to look at my laptop, then look at me, then look at the laptop... all the while with that quizzical look that says he's totally not understanding how I could POSSIBLY derive any satisfaction from it. It's really adorable. XD

He observes things very carefully before cautiously and tentatively interacting with it. He's not like userinfoThe Little Monkey Thing at all. Skippy will just assault and kill whatever it is she's up against. She only backs off if it whomps her back.

What's intriguing is, many times now, I've noticed that he'll get a bit restless and move around on my shoulder. He'll crawl down and away from me. This makes me stop typing and extend my arm so that it's parallel to the floor. He goes to about my elbow. I'll try talking to him, but he's all quiet. He just looks around. Then, he'll crawl back to my shoulder again. And he'll grind his beak which is a sign of content.

This usually means he's pooped. He purposely did it so that his poop wouldn't land on me. Sometimes, he'll fly off of me, land somewhere else, poop, then come back to my shoulder.

I'm not sure if I'm attributing more to it than there is, but cockatiels have been known to be capable of being potty trained.

If it's true that he's purposely not pooping on me, it means Sid has REALLY sophisticated reasoning abilities. He knows — and remembers — that pooping on me is something that I wouldn't want and therefore he shouldn't do. He knows that he should move his butt so that he doesn't get it on my shoulder. He knows HOW to move so that the poop lands somewhere else. He knows to move down my arm away from my body. He knows that by moving down my arm, I extend it like a tree branch.

Smart guy. =)

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