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Wipe Down Your Pop Cans Before You Drink

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When I was an undergrad, I was elected to the Executive Committee of the Computer Science Undergrad Society for several years. I'd link to them, but all the links I could find for them are busted or defunct. In case this ever commences to work again one day, it's:

I was Treasurer, then External Rep., then the Grad Rep. All of those were just fancy titles for "I do stuff around here".

The CS Undergrad Society owned the Coca-Cola vending machine that was in the lobby of one of the computer labs. All proceeds went to The Cube. Computer Science Students' Society = CSSS = CS³ which is pronounced "See Ess Cube" = The Cube... Motto: We're not square.

That's the logo I have in my old tarballs.

The tradition was that the pop machine is the Treasurer's responsibility. Most of the time, the other execs and my friends would help me whenever they could by borrowing their family truck or SUV and help me haul flats of pop to and fro. But infrequently, it was just me and the Little Blue Monster. We bought the pop, filled up the machine, took the change over to the Student Union Building to get all the coins sorted and rolled, then had the money deposited to the society's bank account held by the Alma Mater Society.

The pop machine was a real cash cow. It made enough money that you'd want to empty it quite frequently so you didn't have too much money on you at any given time. That, and coins are STINKINGLY HEAVY. A 6L bucket of mixed coins can be nearly unmanageable. I'd empty the machine at least once a week, usually twice a week.

We bought the pop at about 11¢/can. That's how much pop is actually worth. Even now, I don't believe for a second that it can be worth any more than 20¢ a can.

We got pop from the University Food Services that gets monstrous shipments of pop at insanely low prices and stores them in their massive warehouse chambers deep within the bowels of the Student Union Building where they keep the rest of the food. We were charging 75¢/can when the rest of the drink vending machines on campus were already up at $1.00.

Pop is packaged in flats of 24 cans and then stacked together in blocks of... I don't know how many. They're stacked up to about 8 or 9 feet high and several feet from the wall. Many times, the warehouse guys had to help me get flats of certain types of pop that were on the upper decks where I couldn't reach. Coke and Root Beer were everywhere, those were never a problem. But Sprite, Ginger Ale, C-Plus, 5-Alive and other ones were stacked less conveniently.

These guys would walk all over the flats in their work boots. All. The. Time.

Wiping down the tops of pop cans before drinking from it, is a mighty fine idea.

The University has since signed Coca-Cola on as the sole provider of carbonated beverages on campus. There was a tussle with one of the other (Engineering?) undergrad societies that had a Pepsi machine. I don't know what happened to the Cube's pop machine. The last time I went by the old lab, there was a shiny new machine in there. I don't think the Cube maintains it or gets to keep the proceeds. There was talk of putting one in the undergrad lounge in the basement of CISCR (pronounced "Caesar"), but building admin folk didn't like that idea because they didn't want students bringing food and drinks into the labs.

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