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Chipped my front tooth. Like really chipped, in that Jim Carrey type of way.

*sigh* I was done in by a pumpkin seed while watching Jamie Oliver hunt a wild boar and make it into ragu for a cook-off in La Marche, Italy. I've had pumpkin seeds and various giant melon seeds before, but this one was made out of cast iron.

Yeah, no more cracking things open with my front teeth. Secondary incisors or bicuspids from now on =P

Dentist Man was in yesterday, but he'd probably left for the day by the time it happened. He's not in today. I can't remember if he works Mondays or if one of his other partners will be there on Monday, but I'll be calling first thing tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, I look like a thug. Or a pirate. =D

userinfoThe Husband wasn't around when it happened. Guys Night Out™. So, when he came back, I gave him a big wide, teeth-baring snarl with "AAAARRRR!!!" as a nice sound effect.

The look on his face ... which was something like O.O ... was priceless. XD =D

I still have the piece that broke off. If I push it back in, it will stay in and you can't see anything wrong at all. I'm very tempted to put it back in when I go out to Costco later this morning, but I'm afraid it will fall out at an inopportune time and I might swallow it. =\

[Update - Monday, June 12, 2006 - 1200h]

I thought I'd try to get in to the Dentist Man this morning and have this stupid thing fixed. He has funny weekend hours. For a while, he used to be open Monday to Saturday. He did Monday to Friday while one of his associates did Tuesday to Saturday. Then he was open all 7 days a week. But it changes from time to time depending on the availability of his associates, so I'm never sure what's going on for Sundays and Mondays.

I called this morning before 0900h and got the answering machine. It said they were in, but couldn't come to the phone. So, I left a message for Isabel, his awesome receptionist. At about 0930h, I called again and the answering machine said they'll be back Tuesday. =P

So, I'm now at Work with the broken piece stuffed back in. It seems to be holding together okay. I said to the cow-orkers that I was going to try not to talk or laugh too much today... *sigh* Yeah, like THAT'S gonna work... XD

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