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On the way home from Tulalip, WA, the other weekend, we were having an almighty row in the car over how to drive on the highway.

He says that the left lane is for passing only and would passionately ream out the other drivers who stayed in the left lane (who weren't listening anyway).

I said, it doesn't matter. These cars were going 10+ mph over the speed limit and they could be considered "passing"... just passing very slowly. Afterall, there was another vehicle in the right lane a little ways ahead. The Husband just wanted to go faster. And I don't believe for a second that the No Hogging The Left Lane™ rule doesn't apply to him because he's "always passing"...

So, we're getting louder and crazier with it as we're going North up the I-5. My Mother-In-Law is all exasperated that the userinfoHusband Guy and I will argue over the tiniest, most insignificant issues.

We told her that it's because we don't have anything big to fight over, so we make up for that in volume. We take the smaller issues and holler at each other as loud as we possibly can instead.

If he weren't driving, it would have gone to fisticuffs XD

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