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The Pavarotti concert was a bust. He had lower back surgery and was supposed to have recovered in time for yesterday's concert. But, he developed an infection and/or other complications. He's now in New York for more surgery and intensive physiotherapy.

The concert is rescheduled for October 18, 2006 ... ... ... which lands smack dab in the middle of our Guangzhou/Shun-de trip. I'll be getting a refund some time next week.

Dad wasn't too upset. He said that in that condition, even if Pavarotti could sing, it wouldn't be very good anyway. The late 70s, early 80s was the golden era for his voice. He's really just riding the coat-tails of his own fame right now. We were just doing the fan thing, so it's all just as well.

And that's money we can use in some other way. I'm thinking it could mean a stay-over in Hong Kong on the way into and out of Guangzhou/Shun-de this October.

Dad and I are flying into Hong Kong, then taking the KCRC Through Train into Guangzhou. The problem is, our flight is scheduled to land at 1830h (HK/GMT+8) and the last scheduled train leaves Hung Hom Station at a little past 1900h. So, we actually won't make it in time for the last train. And even if we did, we'd get into Guangzhou at about 2100h. By the time we get settled in our hotel and everything, it'll be almost midnight. That doesn't sound too bad and I could probably do it if I were on my own, but I don't want Dad to be on the go for that long.

I'm now thinking that we should stay the night in Hong Kong. Get dinner, phone home and log in with the hotel internet access, chat with family a bit, veg out and relax, get a full night's sleep. Then we can take our sweet'ol time catching any of the morning trains into Guangzhou. And we'd do the same in reverse coming back.

I want to stay at the Marco Polo. It has internet access in the rooms, it's close to Harbour City shopping centre for gifts and stuff, it has internet access in the rooms, it has internet access in the rooms, food is just downstairs, it has internet access in the rooms, it sounds good for a one-night stay. Oh, and it has internet access in the rooms. =)

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