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Bring Your Birdie To Work Day

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I've been writing irregularly. I'm trying to make a bargello stitch pattern with the hyperlinked and not hyperlinked days on the calendar in my main journal view.

No, I'm not... I just didn't want to spout cliché like: "I haven't written in a while. I've been busy." like some bloggers/journallers out there who miss two days in a row. Yes, I can see you haven't written. It's really not that big a deal.

What's been happening with me... nothing that I want to write about.

The userinfoHusband Guy wanted to bring userinfoSkippy to work with him because he works long hours and misses her. Aaaawww... =) He asked me to get a medium sized travel cage so that she'd have something big enough to be comfortable in but small enough so as not to be cumbersome.

The one that I got is actually listed as a parakeet-finch-canary cage. The doors are a bit small, but it's just the right size for Skippy, so it works quite well. It's purple. It's a very lovely, slightly deeper than lavendar purple. This cage has very ornate heart-shaped and curlicue/flourish designs on the doors that you can't quite see in that picture, but it's very pretty.

However, Skippy is yellow and totally clashes with the purple XD I couldn't get a black or a white one. The owner at the store said black and white always get sold first. Purple, purple and blue were the only ones he had left. The blue didn't look as nice.

She isn't too pleased about being in this cage and you'd be really hell-pressed to get her through the door at all. I had to open up the roof, quickly zoom her onto the perch and slap the lid on top before she has time to think about what just happened. It will eventually take two people to do it when she gets wise to it XD

I locked her in it for about half an hour to 45 minutes last night just to get her used to it. All she would do is run back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, generally being the biggest nuisance she could manage to be from just scurrying around.

The Husband said she did that all morning too. He said he was so on edge that she might kick up a ruckus that he didn't feel tired at all today =D

I went over to bring them lunch this afternoon. Two chicken wraps for us, two spinach leaves and a giant sliver of red bell pepper for Skippy. The three of us ate in his office. She hadn't eaten all morning from the seed cup so she was hungry and snarfed down the veggies I gave her when I got there.

I think I might get another cage so that userinfoSid can come to work with me. Or I might just get two new ones on account of the purple clashing with my two birds XD They're not too expensive.

And if I get two black or two white keet cages, I might just give this purple one to the Exec. Assistant Lady to bring Chloe, the Pudgie Budgie™, into Work =D

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