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Word of the Day - "慈祥"

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"What's '慈祥'?" he asked his beautiful new wife quietly with a curious smile. He knew they were talking about him, but he didn't understand what they were saying.

"慈祥 is..." she paused to telepathically gather all the pieces from a nebulous swirling cloud of thought.

"慈祥 is a serenity, kindliness, gentleness and compassion that exudes from deep within the heart and shows up in the face... usually only found in Buddhist monks and nuns."

He took a moment to absorb that, inwardly reeling in the complexity and compactness as much as in the fluidity in which she moved between languages and the immensity of the compliment his In-Law family had just paid him.

*          *          *

I've had a love story/fantasy in my head for a long time and that's a snippet near the end (if not the very end, I don't know yet).

It's about a boy and a girl who were destined for each other (naturally). =) She was reciting poetry by a lakeside and her mind blanks on the last line. He was passing by and finishes it off for her.

They meet, fall in love ... and proceed to completely hate each other. XD

It was a tragic slip of Fate. They go through one misunderstanding after another. But Destiny, Fortuity, Kismet, Chance and Circumstance keep them hanging together until everything gets ironed out.

I capitalized those words because they are actually minor deities in a second storyline. The six of them, like Muses, are not as powerful as Gods, but they do have some power. They were instructed by 觀音娘娘 (The Almighty Lady GuanYin) to bring the boy and girl in my story together... and they screwed up ... and kept screwing up and kept screwing up.

It's a dual storyline. The story of the boy and girl on Earth is a tragic, heart-wrenching tear-jerker. These two truly love each other, but somehow nothing goes right and they can't seem to get the message across. The minor deities trying to guide them and get them together under the right conditions is a comedy. This storyline is inspired by the hilarity of my relationship with the userinfoHusband Guy XD

The Lady GuanYin returns for a short while in the middle of the story and helps them. So, the boy and girl do get together for a bit of sweet romance, part of the way through. =) But as soon as the Lady GuanYin leaves The Six Little Guys on their own, they mess everything up again and the boy and girl are in tears and frustrated with each other again.

And on and on it goes. =)

I'm slower than glaciers at this writing thing. I get snippets out ... oh... every few years. I've been participating in NaNoWriMo almost every year nearly since it started. It's not working. I might have some semblance of a story in time to try it as a Holodeck simulation.

Maybe. I dunno.

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