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跳跳 and 소기

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My Mother-In-Law and I went over to Uncle R. and Aunt J.'s place tonight. She wanted to trade a few Korean dramas. I said I'd never seen one of their dogs since they got him, so I tagged along. These are not Nintendogs like Sandy, the last one I wrote about. XD These two shed, drool, poop and stink for real.

The dark curly-haired, spoiled rotten, territorial, snorty little bag of mostly coffee and Red Bull wrapped in fur, Shih Tzu-Poodle cross is 소기 (So-ki; I'm told it means "quickly" in Korean). He doesn't stop charging around. It's like he was born permanently jammed in fast forward. 소기 pretty much named himself, in that regard. =)

You'd think he'd knock himself unconscious once in a while from banging his head so many times on walls and furniture corners and things. But the little dude is still alive. We've even stopped wincing anymore. XD

The Red Sesame Shiba Inu is 跳跳 (Tiào-Tiào; Jump-Jump). He is quiet, shy, observant and just altogether an incredible dog.

跳跳 is so very very perceptive of voice inflections and the tonality of human speech. This creates the effect that he understands human speech. But if you think about it, that can't be true. Uncle R. and Aunt J. speak Mandarin. My Mother-in-Law speaks Mandarin to him. The cousins all speak English to him. He "understands" everyone just fine. It can't be the language that he's understanding, per se. He's perceiving something that's common to the way language is spoken.

跳跳 has been through a few owners before finding his way to Uncle R. and Aunt J. from their In-Law family who got him from a friend moving back to Asia who adopted him through some animal rescue organization. He might have been abused as a puppy. If he thinks you're mad at him, he lays down as flat as he can against the ground, presumably because it's less uncomfortable than being knocked off his feet. If you speak sharply to him or make a rattling sound with metal (like jingle your keys), he reflexively squints, blinks and shirks his head as if he's expecting to get pummelled in the head at any moment.

Sad, but he's very much loved and well taken care of now. And he's well-behaved enough that I think we could even take him if he needed another home.

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