The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
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Fresh Organic Eggs

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I have organic eggs laid by free range hens from a co-worker's hobby farm. Geeky Farm Girls™ are exceptionally cool people. Tractor racing. Horses, tractor racing, chickens... tractor racing... okay, I don't know that she actually does tractor racing, but what else do you do with tractors?

Anyway, the egg yolks are firm and an amazingly vibrant, very orangey yellow. And my god, are they phenomenally delicious in everything we make...

What I can't wait for is to try these eggs out with hotpot. Not sure if we'd do it this summer. Whenever we have hotpot, we beat one raw egg yolk into a small rice bowl, add soy sauce, optional spicy satay sauce, cilantro, chive/green onion shavings and that becomes the dipping sauce for all the stuff we eat. I think the raw egg is a Taiwan thing. No one in my family does that.

Tags: cooking

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