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From the office of
The Secretary of State of Canada

July 1, 1981

Dear Miss Teng:

Now that you have received your certificate of Canadian citizenship, it is with a great deal of pleasure that I convey to you my personal congratulations and on behalf of your government — warmest best wishes.

This is an important step you have taken — important for you and important for Canada. For you it means an opportunity to share fully in the blessings of this land and, equally important, a responsibility to play your part to preserve and strengthen the ideals upon which our country rests. For Canada it means that you have chosen this among all the nations of the world as the one which you want to call "home". We are honoured by your choice.

With the rights and privileges you have acquired as well as the obligations which your citizenship carries, you share with all Canadians the ancient liberties of a free people living together in harmony under a democratic government which recognizes the rights of all its citizens.

Again my congratulations. May the future hold for you a full measure of the happiness which is Canada.

Yours sincerely,

Francis Fox

The Honourable Francis Fox was appointed to the Senate on August 29, 2005 by then-Prime Minister Paul Martin.


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