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I was out of town on business Friday afternoon to Saturday. It's been a while since I've travelled for business. I was doing onsite Live Promotion support, so it brought back memories of The Big Corporate Ex-Work.

This trip didn't take me far, just to Victoria, BC. I went over by West Coast Air sea plane. It's about 35 minutes from Downtown Vancouver to Victoria Harbour and costs slightly less than the Helijet. Helijet is about $200 one way; sea plane is $150 one way. And West Coast Air does tour packages as well.

Their fleet is made up of deHavilland Twin Otter, Series 200 float planes. They're not built for comfort, they're built to get you from point A to point B. It's like sitting in a tiny, old public bus. But I prefer this over the ferry, any day.

Victoria is as beautiful in the summer as I remember it. All the lampposts have hanging baskets with flowers spilling out the sides in full bloom. Street corners have street names engraved in the pavement. It has all the details and trappings of a province's capitol. It almost feels wasteful. <bittersweet>Yes, this is where my tax dollars go.</bittersweet>

Promotion went quite smoothly. I was there at 1630h for a 1700h start and I was out of the office at 2245h. The hiccups were network issues. And unexpected hiccups are just par for the course.

Work put me in a Marriott hotel, but I still didn't sleep well Friday night. The hotel was very very nice and very comfy, but it just wasn't home. I think it's just that I'm getting older and more sensitive to things not feeling like home.

Anyway, one of their guys was in the office Saturday morning to do some post-promotion verification stuff. I called him to see how he was doing and to see if I needed to go in to help. He was doing just fine =) so that was good.

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