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Fruity Cigarillos

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I forgot to bring my water bottle with me to Yoga last night, so I wandered out to find a grocery store. While I was there, I saw fruit flavoured cigarillos made by the Thomson Cigar Company.

They just looked way too nifty to pass up. I picked one each of the Strawberry, Peach and Wild Berry for Jessica and Heather (two ladies at Work), both of whom smoke.

There was Vanilla, Rum, Cinnamon, Chocolate Mint and some other ones. I wanted to get the Chocolate one, but chocolate flavoured things can go both ways; they can be good, but they can also be really gross. I also imagine tobacco having a herbal-ish kind of taste... kinda like tea, so I thought fruits and berries would go well with it as a flavouring.

I KNOW I'M SUPPOSED TO BE ENCOURAGING THEM TO QUIT as opposed to making them smoke more, but these things sounded really cool.

See, this is the way I shop. I see cool/cute/nifty little things and I'll just buy one or two whether I need it or not. Then if I can't use it, I figure out who I can give it to. I don't do this as much anymore and it's smaller, less expensive stuff now. Ask userinfothe Husband, I used to be much worse. XD

Anyway, I don't smoke, myself, so I have no idea if these things are good or not. It's not like I could try it first. And I figured they've been smoking for so long that three extra sticks won't kill them.

Er... or would it?

I was curious as to the difference between a cigarette and a cigarillo, so I decided to look it up.

"A cigarillo is a short, narrow cigar. Unlike cigarettes, however, cigarillos are wrapped not in paper but in whole-leaf tobacco. ... ... ... A cigarillo usually contains about 3 grams of tobacco (a cigarette contains less than 1 gram of tobacco [1]). Consequently, a cigarillo contains more nicotine than a cigarette."

Aaaagh... X{ *sigh* Yeah, here's me: I see "Strawberry Flavoured Such&Such" and I'm all over it. =\ I wrote to them giving them the heads-up and basically said, "um, so like, don't die, mkthxbye."

Heather's husband is into cigars, so she said she'll give them to him if she didn't like them =D

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