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The Biography section is way too small for my intro, so I'm posting it here and linking to it =)

I am an IT professional and the software that I'm responsible for, is being internationalized. We are localizing our system to French and Italian and eventually other languages as well. I'm not supposed to be learning these languages; I'm supposed to be just blindly taking what the translator is giving me and sticking it in.

From a functional perspective, that's the most efficient way of setting up a software project so that you don't have unnecessary dependencies. But, as a linguaphile, I can't help but want to learn bits and pieces along the way, as the situations arise.

So, if you were wondering why my questions seem to be all over the place, at different levels, and following no sane order of how someone would normally learn a language through classes... that would be why =)

Tags: linguaphile

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