The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Adventures of a Stunkeroo in Yoga

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I bought myself a dry-fit(?) tank top for yoga. It's nice in that it gets soaked so I won't be. It's a slightly snug‍ fit, but it still glides on.

After class is a whole other story.

It's wet, so it doesn't stretch as much. And because it's wet, it's sticking to me like nothing else. I'm also wretchedly tired,‍ fighting my brain to not shut off just yet, my arms and legs are weak, shaky and large motor skill is pretty much out the window.

I go to pull the tank top over my head. I have to heave with‍ everything I have, to even pull it up half way.

Once it's half way, it gets stuck. This is normal. I have fat shoulder blades or something, I dunno. I've since learned how to‍ wriggle and inch my way out of it. But I nearly died of panic after the first class when I got to this point.

My two arms are pretty much tied together at the triceps over my‍ head in the most awkward position. I can't even flail properly, I must have looked like a retarded sea anemone that smelled really bad.

The only thing that gave me the strength to pull the thing up and‍ over my head was the prospect of having to walk out of the change room, in exactly the stinky retarded sea anemone position I was in, down the‍ corridor, across the hall, over to the front desk of the studio and ask for a pair of scissors.

I'm now in the process of looking for a zipper tank.

Tags: funny

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