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Down-View Desks

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Because of the Pavarotti concert cancellation, I was feeling pretty terrible that I wound up, essentially, doing nothing for Father's Day this year. Yeah, I wasn't going to admit to contributing to the stupid commercialistic highway robbery of a fake holiday.

But I love my parents. What can I say?

I've been looking and looking and looking for a computer desk for my Dad that matched his specifications. As people age, they'll have different needs. And it's up to us to have the compassion to try to help them meet those needs.

Dad wears bifocals which makes it very difficult for him to use a computer.

The part of the glasses that he needs to see with, at close range when he's reading, is near the bottom. Computer monitors, on the other hand, are meant to be viewed straight ahead. He ends up tilting his head way back to be able to see and that gets really hard on his neck and shoulders. Which, in turn, wreaks havoc on his back.

He said that he loved the desks at the public library close to home that had the monitors lying flat underneath the desk with a glass window on the surface. I set about looking for one.

And looking for one.

And looking for one.

And looking for one.

I saw sartorias (through kaseido) in my FriendsFriends view sometime last year. He was showing pictures of his lovely home, writing space and TO-DIE-FOR library... seriously, I'm betting a lot of libraries would be jealous of his collection. He had a beautiful wood writing desk with a glass top in one small area with his monitor underneath and tilted up. That was EXACTLY what I wanted. I asked him what it was called and where he got it. It was an antique desk that he got at an antique show or a yard sale and he had no idea what it was actually called; he just loved the sliding door.

I cried.

Not upset at him for not knowing, but for being SO CLOSE and still not getting anywhere.

I was beginning to think very seriously of calling up B'nice to commission a custom made desk with a glass tabletop for Dad. B'nice made all the silk flower arrangements for my wedding and she hand made her own computer armoire. Very crafty lady.

Today, I was looking for computer furniture at random again. I love to just randomly browse for cool, interesting and crazy ideas for home furniture. I will have my Elegant Trek home, one day.

I was looking at this desk which wasn't that interesting or special, but I'm so glad I looked at it anyway... this picture caught my eye.


That's what I want!! So, the caption says they're called "Down-View Desks". Plug that into Google and ...


OMG, are those ever beautiful. I'll be going over to my parents place this afternoon to show him and order one. I'm head over heels for the blue one, but I'm thinking Dad would prefer this one in Cherry Oak or Teak. But I'm just elated — damned near EUPHORIC — that A) I FOUND ONE and B) they actually cost less than what I was anticipating I'd have to pay B'nice for a custom made one.

So there you have it. They're called either "down view desks" or "recessed monitor desks" and they range in price from a little under USD$200 to anywhere in the $1000+.

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