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A Dream and A Nightmare

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I had this dream a while ago. It was intriguing enough to write down and keep.

The Venerable Master

I'm at some outdoor congregation of people, mostly Asian. I have a strong sense of familiarity, that I at least don't feel like I want to scramble over a fence and out of here. But I don't recognize anyone I know. The autumn sun is casting a deep warm yellow coloured filter on everything, making the thick lush green grass beneath my feet even more vibrant.

A Buddhist monk is slowly walking around greeting a crowd of people in something like a loosely formed receiving line. I'm watching him with his palms together at his heart and bowing slightly to each person. Each person is bowing back in greeting. It's a very brief, mostly wordless exchange, but you could see that everyone holds The Cleric in the highest regard.

I'm nervous. It will be my turn very soon.

But I'm giggling inwardly, comforted by a runaway memory of Jackie Chan meeting Queen Elizabeth II in a receiving line much like this one. He muttered "Your Majesty" as quickly as he could to hide whatever error or accent there was in his greeting. The Queen stops and speaks to an attendant (Sir Martin Charteris, perhaps?). Jackie Chan has no clue what's going on, but just hopes he's not in trouble. I'm feeling much the same at this particular moment.

The Venerable Master is now face to face with me. I reflexively put my hands together in anjali mudra, bow to him and mumble "阿彌陀佛" ["Homage to the Buddha of Infinite Light"]. I expect him to move on, but he's lingering.

I'm suddenly struck with fear that I've just said something terribly wrong. I didn't think so, but I don't really know...

Carefully, I look up into his eyes, unsure if that is even acceptable behaviour. He's smiling though which accentuates the 佛相 in his face which immediately puts me at ease.

He leans towards me and very quietly in broken English says "I know you... in past life..." With a smile and a small nod, he moves on to the person on my right, leaving me to be amused and bemused with that thought.

And this one was a few nights ago. ={

Bus Nightmare

I was driving a public bus in city rush hour traffic. There was something wrong with the brakes. They were really soft and I had to press down extremely hard on them to get the bus to stop. I was standing up and out of the driver's seat, tugging on the steering wheel for the extra weight on the brake pedal.

I wasn't going downhill either. It was a flat, straight road. And I wasn't going fast. It was rush hour traffic, I was inching along.

Even being as careful as I could, only letting my foot go a tiny tiny bit to move forward slowly, the bus would start rolling much faster than I wanted it to go. And in trying to stop, I kept almost rear-ending the car in front of me.

I had the worst passengers on my bus. They would alternate between yelling at me to move the very instant the vehicle in front started inching forward and screaming at me to slow down, stop, keep my eyes on the road, etc. when I almost slammed into the car in front.

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