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Rapid Transit Systems I Have Been On

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Get yours at!

I'm almost thinking I should remove the Vancouver SkyTrain logo... I've only ever been on the Expo Line and only from Lonsdale Quay to... Columbia Station for sure, I might have been to Scott Road once or twice, but I've never been to the new stations past that.

I've never been on the Millenium Line. userinfoHusband Guy says, "I've driven past it..." Well, yeah, I've driven past it a bajillion times too. You don't get credit for that. =P

I've been stuck in traffic because of the construction of the new RAV Line... but somehow I don't think that will count. =}

I should really get a brochure and make a day trip out of it. I should really sit on the rapid transit system in my own city and go to at least every station once.

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