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Agile Software Development

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I'm not the best person to talk about Agile Development (and the audience gasps, NOOO!! RLY!!!). Eric Evans is, if you're really interested. He's a very brilliant, well-spoken fellow and will autograph his book for you if you ask politely =)

One aspect of this software development philosophy is that you have Early Customer Involvement™, namely a Product Champion™, who is someone from the company, who knows the workflows, business processes, business rules and in this person, you have An Authority And Contact Point™ on how your software needs to behave to meet the (small 'r') requirements of the (big 'B') Business.

This person is supposed to be very involved in the process. They're on hand to answer the questions of the IT Team. They're the communication bridge between Business and IT. They'll bring IT's questions to their team(s) if they aren't sure of the finer details.

Whether Agile Software Development really does make better software or not, I'm not entirely sure. But it does make for great hilarity to benchwarmers and people watching from the sidelines. By which, I mean me. XD

Product Champion: Here's the workflow for a Thingamabobber. Duis orci ante, eleifend vel, ultrices a, ornare a, pede. Fusce volutpat vulputate enim. Donec commodo ullamcorper enim. Curabitur vel sem vel eros bibendum rutrum. Curabitur ut magna. Etiam quis nisl. Suspendisse lectus arcu, cursus at, placerat Thingamabobber sit amet, faucibus varius, magna. Aliquam dapibus volutpat ante. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Thingamabobber duis imperdiet nonummy enim. Sed scelerisque. Integer at lectus.

...And if you have any questions, please let me know.

IT Team: Okay, so what if we run into this scenario: proin a leo at erat ornare congue. Vestibulum nibh. Aliquam eu nisi at libero egestas tincidunt. Curabitur facilisis augue in sem. Praesent justo. Vestibulum quis metus ac augue dapibus interdum. Vestibulum cursus. Praesent quis enim at velit fermentum fermentum. Duis iaculis eros et felis dictum porttitor. Curabitur imperdiet hendrerit est. Mauris bibendum venenatis elit?

Also, we need to think about fusce at diam sed luctus nonummy elit. In non turpis et lectus rutrum dictum. Quisque bibendum arcu ac velit? Nullam commodo leo ut pede aliquet feugiat. Quisque adipiscing. Proin vel dolor. Suspendisse potenti? Integra ligula felis, luctus sed, hendrerit quis, varius ac, sem. Sed bibendum. Donec lobortis, est id porttitor blandit, est mauris aliquam leo, vitae porttitor velit erat quis tellus. Phasellus tincidunt leo sed orci. Etiam est erat, bibendum sed, malystie et, faucibus in, lectus.

Then, would this also mean nunc faucibus augue vel neque? Fusce quis dui rhoncus tortor euismod molestie? Suspendisse nonummy sollicitudin lorem? Donec volutpat lobortis elit. Sed non leo sed mauris malesuada malesuada. Praesent sagittis, libero eget auctor congue, mi pede scelerisque nisl, nec lobortis quam lacus a nisl. Donec at lectus. Aenean id sapien? Suspendisse justo quam, condimentum ut, rutrum sit amet, faucibus vel, risus.

And what happens if nulla eget augue et donec lorem? Suspendisse potenti. Pellentesque eget neque sed sapien facilisis condimentum. Etiam tempus, turpis vitae adipiscing placerat, risus ante mollis dolor, non sollicitudin quam odio et est. Etiam purus. Nullam at ligula ut purus vestibulum pulvinar. Sed consequat ligula et mauris. Suspendisse fringilla convallis quam. Phasellus aliquet magna quis nisl. Phasellus faucibus ligula.

Product Champion: Yes. --- Sent from my Blackberry ---

IT Team: Can we please meet with you when you're in town?

*** Cut to Meeting/Conference Call ***

*great leaps and bounds in understanding take place at the cost of many a brain cell, accompanied by the title theme of something stupidly cheesy, like Mission Impossible, looping continuously for 7 hours non-stop*

Business Analyst: What are you calling a "Thingamabobber"? You're not talking about an ACTUAL Thingamabobber, are you?

Product Champion: Uuuuhhh... no... [to IT Team] Can we change the name from "Thingamabobber" to something else?

IT Team: Moo.

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