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I've been having nightmares about crying bloody tears.

It's not as bad as it sounds. Blood commonly symbolizes life, love and passion. Losing blood and bleeding, commonly symbolizes mental or emotional drain. And that's really nothing I didn't already know. Crying in a dream is a way of letting go of built up mental/emotional intensity that I'd have too much control and discipline to do during the day, in front of other people.

I often wonder if dreams and nightmares wouldn't make a lot more sense to people if only they took the time to listen to their own bodies and get to know themselves better.

I had a mildly interesting conversation the other day.

I was asked if I feel regret. Of course I do. Psychopaths and sociopaths aside, everyone feels regret at some time or another. People who say they "have no regrets" don't actually mean they have no regrets. They mean something completely different.

The important thing is to use regret to motivate myself in the right direction, but not to let regret hinder or slow myself down.

Whatever choices I made in the past, whether they were right or wrong, whether they were good or bad, I trust myself to have done the best I could with the information I had, in the situation/context I was in at the time. I respect those choices and accept the consequences as they are.

I think it's only right to apply that same understanding and compassion with myself as I would with someone else.

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