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Semagic - New Features

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The latest userinfoSemagic (version can supposedly store and retrieve settings from an INI file. I thought this was fantastic because that meant I didn't have to manually go into the Windows registry and export the Semagic settings myself to keep a backup of my macros, window positions and other settings. I could foresee this being a great time-saver when I install Semagic again with a new machine or laptop.

But, it gives me a pop-up error instead. =P

Status: Fixed, awaiting next build for verification.

Repro Steps:

  1. Log in to Semagic as "bride" with my password.
  2. Go to View->Options.
  3. Go to the General tab.
  4. Select the "Use .ini file to store settings" tickybox.
  5. Click "OK".

Expected: an INI file written to my C:\Program Files\Semagic installation folder named "settings.ini" or something that makes sense like that.

Actual: No INI file for the settings created. This error appears.


  • Environment - [Semagic version; MFC 6.0; WTL 7.5; WinXP Home, SP2; Pentium M, 2GHz, 1G RAM]
  • I installed successfully, therefore I MUST have write access to the installation folder.
  • Turning on the "Debug" option does not give any info. It looks like "Debug" is only for LJ Client/Server Protocol debugging.
  • With the "Use ini file" setting turned on, Semagic is very clearly getting the settings from somewhere other than the registry. Some of my Semagic window sizes and positions are different... but I unselected the Use INI File option again before it ruined any more of my settings.
  • From attaching FileMon, there is no output during or after the time the error message comes up, so Semagic is not even getting to that point.
  • Also from inspecting the source code, the error message "an unnamed file contains an invalid path" does not actually exist in the Semagic source. But it doesn't sound like it's coming from MFC or anything deeper either. I could be wrong on this...
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